I’m starting a programming blog (again). I don’t know if it’ll be successful (where successful means updated regularly for me), but I’d like to begin with meta-post about what I want to have here. Since I’ve been (proffesionally) working as a Perl, Java and JavaScript developer for few years, vast amount of topics will be about these programming languages, with Perl being main one.

Short clarification here: Perl has a facinating community with really, really great developers, and if you look back to previous sentence you’ll see that I only linked to Perl webpage, contrary to Java and JavaScript. The reason is simple: these two J* languages have no proper webpages and no (open-source) community. You can go to java.com and click big red download button, but that’s all. Google “java” and you’ll see “Oracle” and “™” higher than “OpenJDK”. Typing JavaScript in Google gives you zero language/community hits (let me just say that w3schools is first one); ECMAScript is all about standards and many JS devs aren’t be able to tell what ECMAScript is.

On the other hand, googling “perl” gives you hits like:

  • “The Perl Programming Language – www.perl.org”,
  • “Perl programming documentation – perldoc.perl.org”,
  • “The Comprehensive Perl Archive Network – www.cpan.org”,
  • “Strawberry Perl for Windows”,
  • “Perl Monks”,
  • “The Perl Foundation”

from which every single resource is awesome – if you’ve been using Perl for a while, you just can’t not appreciate whole ecosystem and say Perl is dead because it’s simply not true at all.

Besides writing about software engineering and programming languages, because I believe in free and open-source software and culture, I’ll probably cover these topics, too. (Lately I started contributing to various open-source projects, I’ve been using GNU/Linux for almost nine years, I really enjoy both). For now, I’d like to point you to this blog post (by @pjf) which I fully agree with:

“While I’ve always known open source software is great, I’m increasingly starting to appreciate that open source developers are also great.”

What’s more, I’d like to share everything on this site for free, so I’m making all my code available under MIT license (unless marked otherwise) and all my writing available under Creative Commons Attribution license. You can grab the code of this blog is on GitHub, use it, fork it, modify it, etc. I’ll also be grateful for all suggestions and for spelling or grammar fixes because blogging in English and not being native English speaker is a challenge.

Anyway, enjoy reading, consider leaving a comment or following me on some social media, and have a nice day.