Perlbrew is a great module. I use it on every machine – it lets me install modern Perl versions on systems which ship with ancient a.k.a. good-old perls like 5.8 or even those from previous millennium. But there comes a problem – every perlbrewed perl has a separate environment and it lacks all CPAN goodies you installed and used earlier. Plus, if you have few machines and / or like to experiment with various operating systems (like me), you have to install modules you use again and again.

To address this issue I’ve released Task::BeLike::XAERXESS. It’s a Task module which has a simple purpose – it installs a module bundle I frequently use. What’s more, because I uploaded it to CPAN, you can use install, try or modify it (the source code is on GitHub).

I don’t expect that anyone besides me will ever install and use Task::BeLike::XAERXESS, but there was another reason I made this module: do a module release with Dist::Milla. Let me cite:

Milla is a Dist::Zilla profile. It is a collection of Dist::Zilla plugin bundle, minting profile and a command line wrapper. It is designed around the “Convention over Configuration” philosophy (Opinionated), and by default doesn’t rewrite module files nor requires you to change your workflow at all (Unobtrusive).

I wanted to compare milla with pure dzil because I used latter once (to release my first module – Time::Duration::pl) and last few days there was quite much buzz about Dist::Zilla being suitable module releasing tool. I’ll write all my observations later in separate post, in just one sentence – milla is great: powerful like dzil but much simpler, it has everything I need to release a Perl module.